Our Method

   We offer truck-mounted steam cleaning because it is generally considered to be the most thorough method available. In this process clean fresh water is super-heated at the van to 240 degrees. The hot water and steam mixture is then mixed with a 3% cleaning solution and run to the cleaning wand where it is directed at the dirty carpet. The wand is attached to a strong vacuum that immediately extracts the dirty water and takes it back to large holding tanks in the van.

Our unique 7 step process

  • Inspect & Prepare Area
    our technicians will walk through the areas to be cleaned and determine if and special procedures are needed as well as move light furniture out of the work area.

  • Pre-Treatment
    we apply an enzyme based pre-spray to the main traffic areas and spots. The pre-spay has special emulsifiers that break up the dirt and loosen it from the carpet fibers.

  • Primary/Pre-clean
    We preform our first steam cleaning pass of the dirtiest areas, normally traffic patterns, spots, and stains. Depending on the type and condition of the carpet our technicians often prefer to use a rotary steam cleaner for this step. A small amount of cleaning detergent is mixed in with the hot water/steam mixture to maximize cleaning power.

  • Specialty spotting/Rinse
    Our vans are full of various specialty spotters for removing everything from wine stains, to grease marks, to food spills, or pet stains. We get the best results by doing a pre-clean before the spotting stage. It is best to clean out any grocery store spotters that are often on the stains before we try anything else.

  • 2nd Light Pre-Treatment
    At this stage most of the dirt has already been cleaned off the top of the carpet fibers and the carpet pile has been lifted from the first cleaning stage. So when we apply a second lighter dose of enzyme pre spray it can emulsify that last little bit of dirt that likes to hide down deep in the main traffic areas.

  • Neutralizing rinse
    Now we do a second steam cleaning rinse detailing around all the furniture and into all the corners, though this time we substitute in a product called "Last Step" into the steam mix instead of a cleaning detergent. The Last Step is a conditioning agent that provides a soft, lustrous, pH balanced carpet. It also has beneficial properties of speeding dry time, reducing chance of re-soiling, and rinsing out residue from do-it-yourself cleaners and spotters.

  • Extra Dry Vacuum
    We finish things off with extra vacuum only passes that remove just a little more dirt and water, leaving the carpets cleaner and dryer.

Optional on Request

  • Deodorize
    (no additional charge)  We can apply a topical, professional strength deodorizer.  It has a mild, “fresh” scent, and will neutralize any odors it comes in contact with.

  • Advanced Deodorizing
    (additional charge may apply)  Sometimes extreme odor problems require some specialized techniques that require more time.

  • Teflon carpet protection
    (additional charge)  Carpet protectors will wear off with time.  Dirt in the carpet acts like sand paper scratching the carpet fibers as it is walked on.  It is important to restore the stain and soil protection of your carpet fibers to maximize the life of your carpet.

Furniture Cleaning:

When it comes to furniture cleaning we have the specialized tools, cleaning solutions, and we spend the time to do it right.

  • Pre-vacuum
    This is an important step because normally furniture doesn’t get vacuumed as often as it should and when cleaning delicate fibers it is best to remove as much dirt as possible while it is still dry.  This is also a good time for the technician to gauge how dirty given areas are.

  • Pre-treatment
    We apply a special pre-spray that is especially effective at cutting through the skin oils that are the most common source for attracting dirt on furniture.

  • Cleaning
    Our special furniture cleaning attachment uses the latest technology to run a stream of hot water across the fabric surface as opposed to older methods that blast the fibers in a similar fashion to carpet cleaning.  The new system is more gentle, cleans better, and leaves the fibers dryer.

  • Spotting
    We have an assortment of specialty spotters to remove many types of spots from fabric, though in general stains are often more difficult to remove from furniture than carpeting.

  • Repeat steps 2-3 as needed
    Like in carpet cleaning we find that making extra passes over the dirtiest areas (arm rests and seat cushions) results in noticeably cleaner fabrics.  We often rinse the dirtiest areas 2-3 times.

  • Brush
    Certain fabric materials (i.e. faux sued) can leave lines from the vacuum; we use a horse hair brush to smooth these out.

Pet Stains

We find that pet stains are a common headache for many of our customers—when needed we include an advanced pet treatment at no additional charge:

  • Enzyme Pre-treatment:
    We start with our general enzyme pre-spray we use in our cleaning process.  The enzymes help to break down any proteins that may be present.

  • Cleaning Rinse:
    We give the spot a thorough cleaning rinse, preferably with our rotary steam cleaner.  It is best to physically rinse out as much pet and spotter residue as possible.  (Some common pet spot cleaners/deodorizers sold in stores can be very sudsy)

  • Urine Pre-Treatment:
    This is a special spotter we allow to dwell on the effected fibers.  It is designed to break down the salts, nitrates, and ammonia causing compounds found in pet spots.  Helping to rinse them out completely and reduce odor.

  • Neutralizing Rinse
    This rinse removes the contaminates that the pre-treatment has loosened from the carpet fibers.

  • Extra Dry Vacuum
    Just like our standard cleaning we do some extra dry vacuum only passes to try and remove as much contaminates as possible.

  • Urine stain remover
    If there is still any stain left we have a special stain remover that we can apply that will cause the yellow stain to fade as the carpet dries.

  • Deodorizer:
    if needed we can apply a topical deodorizer to the fibers.

    (Very strong odors may require additional procedures at an extra charge to treat the pad and sub-floor as well)

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